PS-00001 - Grand Opening Special

$105.00 $53.00

In honor of the grand opening of my beautiful website, I am offering a VERY LIMITED TIME special just for you, my naughty boys and girls.  You can get Friendship & Femdom, Hard Licker, Friend With A MILF, Sibs & Swapping and Striking Secretary all for only $53.  That means $105 and almost FOUR HOURS of erotic audio stories, for HALF PRICE!  This special will only be available until December 19th.  Not only will the special price go away, but the stories themselves will be removed from my website until a future special occasion.  So, get 'em while they're hot!


  • Striking Secretary (Usually $16 USD)    
    • After making a serious mistake at work, I'll do whatever it takes to continue working as your secretary, even if it means being punished for ALL of my office indiscretions.
  • Friend With A MILF (usually $21 USD)
    • When you break up with your girlfriend, it's only natural to turn to your best bud for some consolation, but he's not home! Luckily, his hot mom is there to offer some advice plus a whole lot more!
    Friendhsip And Femdom (usually $21 USD)
    • What's a girl to do when she's feeling a little...curious? Kristen's best friend Raven is willing to teach her the ins and outs of loving a lady, especially since she's a professional...dominatrix, that is! With Raven as a teacher, Kristen is sure to become an expert!
  • Hard Licker (Usually $21 USD)
    • I am hired on as a bar back and you're the bartender that has to train me. But you're not going to make it easy, are you? I will try to use my feminine wiles to convince you to give me a shot at becoming a bartender...and your lover.
  • Sibs And Swapping (Usually $26 USD)
    • You and your wife, Sarah go to visit your younger sister, Laura. But Laura's got a hot young boyfriend that's caught Sarah's attention. You never thought your sister would be involved in the orgy of your dreams!

IN ADDITION TO THIS SPECIAL PRICE, if you purchase the Grand Opening Special 5-Story Pack, you will receive $10 off your next personalized story order!  This offer CAN be stacked with the $10 discount offer I discussed in my 11-26-2016 Newsletter.  What a deal!